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About Us
Thank you for your interest in the Beaver Squeezer Grapple and Winch Attachment (Patent # D-499,435).

My name is Stan Ogletree. I am a certified arborist and have owned and operated a tree service in Northeast Georgia for the past ten years.

As you know, dealing with logs and brush is a demanding and labor intensive part of the tree service industry. That is the main reason I wanted a grapple attachment for my skid-steer loader. When I began looking for a grapple attachment, I found only a few. Of those few, they either did not offer rotation, or those that did rotate did not have the ability to secure logs BOTH horizontally and perpendicular to the frame of the attachment. So I designed and built one myself.

The final prototype was tested for one year, being put through the toughest conditions possible. We spared no expense in workmanship or materials when building this attachment. It was built solid to give you years of performance.

The uses are endless and it is an invaluable piece of equipment. Having it will cut down on time and labor costs dramatically. My design for “the tree worker” has addressed key issues in what is needed for a grapple attachment.
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Also take a look at all of the Photos we have included and do not hesitate to contact me personally to answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Stan Ogletree

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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